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A real competitive edge

If you are running a small to medium business, you can gain access to the same technology the big brands use. It is much harder to achieve this level of efficiency when you keep your IT operations in-house. With our Managed IT plan, your company will benefit from access to latest technology amongst others to gain a stronger competitive edge. With powerful monitoring and maintenance tools, we are able to identify and resolve potential problems before they happen. This means avoiding a wide range of unforeseen costs. Our end game is to make sure you are fully aligned to the needs of your business, which should be professional manged with the use of the right technology.

We have an excellent track record when it comes to responding to and resolving incidents and can take service requests around the clock. You can get in touch with us in various ways to ensure your issue is resolved in the shortest time-frame possible.
We use powerful monitoring and maintenance tools so potential problems can be identified and prevented before they happen.


Minimal Downtime


Ongoing monitoring and maintenance


When you choose our managed IT services, we get everything set up in no time . We help you remain fully compliant with industry legislation to avoid security breaches and cut the risks attached to IT management.
We tailor our services to your exact need, you can scale up or down whenever you need to, without the need to pay for more support than you require.


Agile Working


Tailored Approach

Push your business forward – contact us today for the ultimate in Managed IT Support.

Managed IT Services


IT Health Check


IT Health Check – Struggling and worried about your IT infrastructure? daily network performance issues or cybersecurity concerns? When was the last time your infrastructure had a health checkup? Why don’t you speak with us. We have a robust assessment questionnaire we take you through in order to determine the current state of your IT environment. As part of the assessment, we work with you and provide detailed report with unbiased recommendation. Just like seeing to that headache from the doctor, your infrastructure needs a preventative care.

Technical Resource Cover (TRC)

Technical Resource Cover (TRC) – At Isecurdata, the difference is in our people. With our technical resource cover, we are able to uniquely address any of your requirements. We are able to offer support & helpdesk analyst, project managers, consultants, engineers and other project resources, either for short or long term engagements. Our resources are of various skillset to cover employee shortfalls due to either sickness, leave or perhaps the need of extra resources for key project deployment and implementation.

Service and Helpdesk Support


Helpdesk & Service Support – We support your staff by responding to queries raised by your staff either by email or telephone and you are safe in the knowledge that our experienced team will manage any incidents through to resolution, keeping you informed of progress, thus resulting in minimal downtime.

Managed and Outsourcing IT Support

Managed and Outsourcing IT Support – Are you looking at controlling your IT cost?, reduce staff costs?, increase efficiency and competitiveness?, Experienced, certified, qualified trained personnel? At Isecurdata we are able to provide these services at a reasonable cost. Speak to us today for a quote.

IT Procurement and Asset Disposal


IT Procurement & Asset Disposal – We partner with several suppliers, thus able to recommend the most appropriate products for your business, at competitive prices due to our established buying power and supplier relationships. We will only recommend only with your budget in mind and off course what is right for your business. We are here to take the stress out of any purchases and reduce any administrative overheads.

Infrastructure Management

Infrastructure Management – Keeping your network and infrastructure well maintained is pivotal to ensuring they continue to work for your business. Many factors can contribute to slow performance, downtime or even loss of data and services. We offer a fully managed network and Infrastructure management service designed to support your business and to detect potential issues before they impact your business.

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