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 Whether you need help with cloud storage, networks, backups and hosted software, we can help. We have many years of cloud computing experience behind us and have the resources and knowledge needed to deliver the ideal service. There are so many big advantages in moving to the cloud. Cloud computing services are much less expensive than storing the equivalent resources on your premises and maintaining them yourself.

We offer a range of cloud computing solutions to make your business more productive, make collaboration easier and tighten up your security standards. We can ensure all your data is backed up on your behalf, allowing your team to access important documents and other resources from wherever they are in the world. There has been a huge shift towards remote working over recent years, and cloud computing means geographical locations are less important than ever.



When you use cloud anti-virus facilities, you do not have to worry about your computers being slowed down. We keep downtown to a minimum with our Cloud computing services
You can avoid a lot of maintenance and upgrade costs by moving your phone calls to the cloud. You will not need to spend vast sums on on-site hardware, and you can always scale up as your needs grow

Enhance your Security Standards


Cloud Telephony


Our cloud backup solutions ensure data can be backed up from any location to a secure data centre.
We  provide you with a bespoke cloud back-up solution that suits your needs perfectly.
Our disaster recovery solutions ensure your business can get up and running again in no time at all, so you can keep lost revenue and productivity to a minimum. 


Cloud Backups


Disaster Recovery

Push your business forward – contact us today for the ultimate in Cloud Computing Service.

Cloud Services 

Private, Public & Hybrid Cloud


Understanding the right cloud model for you can be confusing. However at Isecurdata, we specialise and certified in major leading cloud platforms, this affords us to work with you in order to choose the best model that suits your business needs. Our aim is to make sure we help you maximise the solution we provide to your organisation, which comes with a high degree of advice when it comes to implementation, migration and installation and everything else.

Office 365



Microsoft Office 365 – Are you ready to begin your digital transformation of Office 365? Ability to use applications anywhere and at anytime on any of your devices? With Isecurdata, we make the transformation easy for you. The process doesn’t have to be complex based on our experience. From consultation, planning and implementation, Isecurdata will be with you all the way. Enjoy the benefits of Office 365 and make your business not only work smarter but also increasing productivity and simplify how your team collaborate across teams.

Microsoft Azure


Microsoft Azure – New to and not familiar with Microsoft Azure? Let Isecurdata take you on a journey to understand and benefit from this technology. Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service created by Microsoft. The services can be used to deploy, test, build and also manage a number of applications and services. This is usually all done from a Microsoft data centres across the globe. Schedule a call and speak with one of our consultants in order to help you reap the benefits of Azure, which includes managing cost, governance, risk, compliance and IT investments.

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