Learn how to stay ahead of cybercriminals and protect your organisation against Ransomware

Cloudwards reported that 32% of ransomware victims paid the ransom in 2021. Of the 32% of ransomware victims who paid the ransom in 2021, only 65% of their data was ultimately recovered said Cloudwards.

Ransomware is malware that encrypts or lockdowns a victim’s file or data, hence, denying the authorized user the ability to access the files or data. A ransom is then demanded by the attacker to give the user or organisation access to the files or decrypt the encrypted data.

Many organisations have been attacked with ransomware but lack the requisite protection mechanism to defend against the malware or restore their data or files after the attack, hence they are forced to pay the ransom to recover their data or files.

Often, many organisations that pay cybercriminals the demanded ransom don’t get all their data or files recovered, in some cases, most don’t have their data or files recovered at all. The success of ransomware over time can be attributed to the lack of adequate implementation of detective techniques and proactive ransomware prevention.

To help your organisation to prevent ransomware, check out the infographic, it contains ransomware preventive measures that are categorized into two as follows:

Proactive Ransomware Prevention

These are controls that are put in place to either stop the ransomware payload from getting into the organization’s network or reduce its impact on the network.

Detect Ransomware Before Pay Day

This technique helps organizations identify anomalies which could be a sign of ransomware attacks. It will also help them to make informed decisions whenever a bad signal is received.

Let us show you how to protect and prevent your organisation against ransomware.

Ransomware Preventive Measures
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